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"HR Consultants provides you with help and support when you     need it"


You appreciate that your personnel are one of the company’s most important assets. Your company may already have a Human Resources department and it may not. Whatever the structure there are times when additional support can be invaluable. This is where Human Resource Consultants fit in. Whether you need a project manager for a specific task or ongoing support through a company transition or simply to deal with individual cases then we are here to lend an independent, helping hand.

How can I ensure that my company gets professional, up to date guidance on Human Resources and legal issues without employing a whole HR team? 

How do I correctly and fairly meet the needs of my staff in terms of employment rights and legislation? 

How can my HR staff get involved with this one-off project and still manage their day-to-day jobs? 

Who can help us with the due diligence when we are considering commercial acquisitions? 

How can we harmonise our policies after a merger?

HR Consultants Ltd provides your business with a high quality, flexible resource that you only pay for as and when you need to.

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